Consol Bancells

Consol Bancells graduated with a degree in Art History, photographer and art documentalist.

She is the author and photographer of the books "Sant Pau, Hospital Modernista", "El Modernisme a Mallorca", "Guia del Modernisme a l'Eixample de Barcelona" and “Barcelona, Modernime domèstic”. As a photographer, she is the author of the books "Farmàcies Modernistes de Barcelona", "Botigues Històriques de Catalunya", "Barcelona, Botigues amb Encant", "Farmàcies Històriques de Catalunya", "El Modernisme, Ignasi Oms, Arquitecte”, “Barcelona Il·lustrada, la Ciutat del Segle XVIII", "Bars i Restaurants Modernistes de Barcelona" and "Joies del Modernisme Català", "Barcelona. Modernisme domèstic", "Sant Jordi a Barcelona", "Joies del Modernisme Català. Espais Privats".


Her specialty is the study of applied and decorative arts to architecture of historic buildings and shops of Barcelona and Catalonia.

Her extensive photographic archive is particularly focused on Modernisme.